Unique Software Calibration (Remap)

There are loads of 'companies' offering 'remapping' nowadays, but there are huge differences between each and every one. Some of which can leave your vehicle in a worse state than when you started.


Many people dont consider the background of the person / company carrying out the remap. Many of whom are not even trained mechanics.


8BallTuning are different to 99.9% of all those offering 'remapping', and heres how:


~ Our Tuner is a fully qualified Mechanic, Vehicle Tech, Diagnostic Tech and High Voltage Tech.

~ Our Tuner is fully qualified and trained to carry out remapping and operate a dyno.

~ Our Tuner writes our own files, in house, through intense research and development. This means we are the ones altering your software. Unlike 99.9% of other tuners who get their files elsewhere.

~ Our Tuner is up to date with current vehicle technology


Here at 8BallTuning, we are Master Tuners, heres all you need to know on master tuners HERE


We have a choice of software calibrations available:


'8B' - Is our entry level software calibration, which offers a step into the tuning market at an affordable price for those applicable vehicles such as VAG PD Engined vehicles with EDC15 ECU's at just £239 +VAT


'8B+' - Is our fully custom software calibration via OBD, offering the very best in additional bhp, torque and fuel economy.


 Standard Car To Basic Mods Include Induction Kit, Exhaust and Intercooler are all covered under our Basic Mods description. Price Is Just £335 +VAT


Software to include Hybrid Turbo...POA


Software to Include Uprated Turbo + Uprated Fuel Pump ...POA


Software to Include Uprated Turbo + Uprated Fuel Pump + Uprated Injectors ... POA


Bolt On Upgrades -


 + Overrun (For Specific Vehicles Only) ...£100 inc vat

 + EGR Delete (Software Only) ...£50 inc vat

 + DPF Delete (Software Only) ... £100 +vat

 + *NEW* Dragy GPS Performance Box ... £129 +vat *NEW*


'8BBench' - Is for those vehicles which require the ecu to be removed and calibrated. This is slightly more time consuming to develop a custom calibration. £402 +VAT


'8BLive' - Is our live mapping, for applicable OEM vehicles and those with standalone engine management. This is the ultimate in engine software calibration, with the only limits being your choice of ecu. This calibration is just £100 +vat per hour and includes full datalogging and dyno time.

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