Horsepower Hero Awards

Showcasing the highest powered vehicles on our dyno to date

We had this BMW 135i take the top spot on 03/09/2020
Standard Factory Figures: 306bhp 400nm
Current Figures: 639bhp 928nm
Hardware Spec: (Courtesy Of Our Customer)
Chinese 19T turbos
RB silicon turbo inlet and outlet pipes
BMS dual cone intake
Forge intercooler
CP-e charge pipe
Coolingmist methanol kit
Turbo smart diverter valves
Walbro 295 low pressure fuel pump
Milltek full exhaust
NGK 95770 spark plugs (1 step colder)
JB4 boost and meth controller
Custom home made map flashed with MHD
XHP stage 3 transmission map (raised torque limits)
60% Tesco momentum 40% bio ethanol
Those that are Crail regulars may recognise this one
This now sits as the highest powered vehicle we’ve had on our dyno in the 5 years we’ve had it
Our dyno is rated to 1200bhp so plenty room for higher power
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