Focus ST225 + Overrun

We had this Focus ST225 in for our custom software + overrun


- Airtec Downpipe Decat
- KMS Cat Back
- Ramair Induction Kit
- Airtec Stage 2 Intercooler
- WRTuning Block Mod
- RS Clutch

Standard Factory Figures: 225bhp 320nm

Actual Before Figures: 253bhp 382nm (with hardware fitted)

After Our Custom Software: 307bhp 532nm (on poor 95RON fuel)

Tuners Comment...

This ran higher power than listed, but we have kept it safe for the turbo in its current condition. With 54bhp 150nm more than when it came in, its a huge difference for this customer ?

Full video on our YouTube Channel, well worth a look ?, link in the comments

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