The Difference In R80 Fuel Pumps

Another internet myth going around is that both the Saab TTid R80 and the Alfa 2.4 R80 are the same...


They are NOT


They can both flow the same amount from 3k rpm onwards.


Saab TTid R80 plus standard fuel rail sensor = Car Starts and runs, on the dyno come 3k rpm the high fuel pressure code comes in. Which is in line with the bigger turbo on the original TTid engine


Alfa 2.4 R80 plus standard fuel rail sensor = Car wont start (high pressure code stored straight away)


In order to use the R80 pumps, it requires a 2200 fuel rail sensor anyway, but it was noticed during testing that both pumps react differently on the standard fuel pressure sensor. Which indicates they are slightly different.


Ultimately, they will both flow enough fuel to support in excess of 300bhp and looking at the data, a lot higher than that too

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