The REAL Reason For Piston 4 Failure

Despite the internet myths going around. The REAL reason for piston 4 failure on Corsa VXR's is actually down to the side fed inlet manifold design.


At wide open throttle (WOT), injector 4 is susceptible to leaning out due to this design, where the inlet charge pressure sweeps past and takes the fuel destined for cyl 4.

The 'fix' from many tuners has always been to fit bigger injectors and overfuel, thus when cyl 4 does run leaner, it wont be catastrophic. This can lead to separate issues from overfueling

The newest craze has been forging the bottom end. Which again, doesnt solve or prevent failure, forged engines can and do still fail.  


Do All Z16/A16 engines fail?

They all have the ability to. But the failure point occurs high up the rev range at WOT. This is why some VXR's wont have any issues at all if driven accordingly. Unfortunately the vast majority are used to smash off the modified rev limiter. Which, when stationary, say at car meets, EGT's and IAT's rise dramatically.


So how are we going to fix this issue?


We have two inlet manifold designs in testing. A budget option and a fully custom option. To suit everyones budgets

As many know, the bulkhead to manifold space is limited, so we are looking to keep everything as neat and tidy as possible.


Keep An Eye Out For More Info



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