AstraVan 1.9cdti 265bhp 462nm

We had this 1.9cdti AstraVan in to switch over to our custom software

Making a very respectable 251bhp 434nm when it arrived

We were tasked with removing the hardcut limiter, reversing the raised rev limiter, and switch it over to map by sport button.

The end result...

214bhp 374nm sport button OFF - allowing for every day driving and giving the standard clutch and flywheel a longer life

265bhp 462nm sport button ON - a slight increase from smoothing things out. No additional strain on components over when it arrived.


Spec List:
- GT18/60 Hybrid
- 80mm MAF
- 4 Bar Map Sensor
- Welded Inlet
- Turbo back exhaust
- Induction Hard Pipe into 1.9 airbox


Tuners Comment:

This came in with a good map on it originally, although not mapped to the sport button, its now safer for every day driving with the standard clutch/flywheel/injectors/fuel pump.
You can see how it used to rev over 5k plus rpm which caused engine issues in the past. We removed the hardcut limiter and put it back to softcut at 5k rpm which is directly where the red line starts on the rev counter.

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