Master Vs Slave Tuning

When it comes to getting a remap, a lot of people focus solely on cost. There are a lot of companies out there that offer remaps nowadays, and 99% of them are Slave tuners offering generic maps, regardless of whether they state 'custom' in their tagline.


So what is the difference between a Master tuner and a Slave tuner?


Master / Slave refers to the type of tuning tool used to tune your vehicle. 


A Slave Tuning tool means the user merely uploads and downloads software to the car. In essence, they are the go between. They have no input or knowledge of whats actually going into the car.


A Master Tuning tool means the user is in full control of the software that comes off the car and goes on the car. They have the ability to modify the software in house.


So if you want a truly custom software calibration, then you need to look for a Master Tuner


Here at 8BallTuning, we have only Master Tools

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