Extended Warranty

For your added peace of mind, we have teamed up with Crystal Clear Warranty to enable our customers to have an extended warranty on their vehicles parts


Are you worried that your car is getting to an age where it could become unreliable? 


Has your standard manufacturers warranty ran out?


We can offer extended vehicle warranty to give you that added reassurance that if a part does fail, it could be covered under our warranty meaning you wouldnt need to pay for the part. All you would pay for is the labour.


We offer a 3 Month Or 12 Month Extended Warranty to suit you.


You can continue your warranty beyond 3 or 12 months should you wish


Interested? Drop us an email for more info

Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   ENGINE          

    Cylinder Block    

    Crank / Pistons    

    Cylinder Head / Gasket    

    Pistons / Con Rods    

    Valve Gear    

    Timing Chain / Timing Belt      


    Inlet / Exhaust Manifold        


    Valve Springs        
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   FUEL SYSTEM          

    Fuel Pump    


    EGR Valve        

    Oxygen Sensors        

    Fuel Pressure Regulator        
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   ELECTRICAL SYSTEM          

    Starter Motor / Alternator    

    Ignition Coils      


    Central Locking Components        

    Air Bag System        

Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   TRANSMISSION / DRIVETRAIN          

    Gears / Syncros    

    Driveshaft / CV Joints      

    Wheel Bearings      

    All Parts in Transmission Casing        

Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   BRAKING SYSTEM          

    Master Cylinder    

    Brake Calipers      

    ABS Pump / Module        

    ABS Wheel Sensors        
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   STEERING          

    Steering Rack      

    Power Steering Pump      

    Steering Column        

    Power Steering Motor        
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   SUSPENSION          

    Coil Springs        

    Shock Absorbers        

    Ball Joints        

    High Pressure Pump        
Crystal Clear Warranty - Engine   COOLING SYSTEM          



    Water Pump      

    Engine Temp Sensors      

    Heater Matrix        

    Viscous Fan Coupling        

In Addition To The Above, We Have Added Turbocharger To Both Bronze & Silver Extended Warranty Plans

Bronze Extended Warranty Plan


This is our entry level warranty plan, covering the most essential vehicle parts. Price - £18.50 per month

Silver Extended Warranty Plan


This is our upgrade level warranty plan should you wish to have a more comprehensive cover. Price - £23.50 per month

We Do Not Currently Offer Gold Extended Warranty Plans

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