AstraVan 1.9cdti 290bhp 614nm

We had this AstraVan 1.9cdti dropped off from down Glasgow way
The customer was told it was running 243bhp and to our surprise, thats exactly what it was running when we dyno’d it
Upgrading to the R80 fuel pump and 2200 fuel pressure regulator, along with switching over to our software


 We fitted:
   - R80 Fuel Pump
- 2200 FRS
  Full Spec:
- 1756 Hybrid Turbo
- 80mm MAF
- 4 Bar MAP Sensor
- 327 Injectors
- Uprated Clutch/Gearbox/Diff
- Swirl Flap Delete
- Induction Kit
 - Front Mount
Current Figures: 290bhp 614nm
With a little issue for us to iron out first, this will be ready to hand back soon
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