AstraVan 1.9cdti 264bhp 564nm

This next AstraVan 1.9 cdti150 in for upgrades and mapping


- Turbo Back Exhaust
- Front Mount Intercooler
- 4 Bar Map Sensor
- 80mm MAF
- 1756 hybrid
- Induction kit


Standard clutch/flywheel/injectors/fuel pump

A few hardware issues on this one to begin with, punctured silicone hose, slack turbo/exhaust clamp, and now a fueling issue to iron out

This will also be upgrading to stainless front water pipe to replace the common corroded item....Prevention is better than cure


Quick update on this AstraVan 1.9 cdti150
When this arrived originally, it was running a lot of the hardware but no additional software. We set about loading our proven 250+ software and it made just 195bhp 456nm, as you can see from the original graph, it struggled.
This one required extensive fault finding. Throwing up various boost and fuel codes. We identified a loose turbo/downpipe clamp, a punctured silicone hose, a faulty high pressure pump, and a faulty boost pressure solenoid.
With everything repaired, this now produces a healthy
264bhp 564nm Sport Button ON
235bhp 521nm Sport Button OFF
These are not final numbers, and we will be lowering to under 500nm of torque on this one, despite the clutch being ok, the flywheel on this one was a little noisy when it arrived. Better to be safe.
With an uprated clutch kit, these can handle 600+nm no problem.
To drive, these are crazy quick, being relatively light and packing decent torque
Regardless of the current Covid-19 situation, this level of custom tuning can take weeks to perfect, more so if theres additional faults identified along the way.
Thats the difference in what we do, compared to 99% of folk offering software
Interested in 8BallTuning custom software?
Drop us a message to discuss how we can make your vehicle, even better



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