DPF Cleaning

Prices Start From £280

With The New Government Legislation Now In Force, We Are Offering Our Customers An Alternative To DPF Removal.


Our DPF Cleaning Service Utilises The International Leader In Cleaning Technologies Ceramax.


The patented Xpurge® process cleans filters more effectively than any other conventional method air jet machines and ovens in a fraction of the time. 


The Xpurge® process reduces the costs of DPF ownership by delivering:

  • Outstanding cleaning performance, resulting in longer intervals between cleaning and improved fuel consumption
  • Fewer filter failures and fewer expensive replacements

Using our DPF Inspection Technology, we can verify the condition of a filter after it is cleaned, providing reassurance that it will perform as effectively as a new filter.


A DPF condition report is included with every clean, to highlight the before and after effect of the clean.


This system provides a far better clean than the off the shelf additives for cleaning DPFs. Ceramax cleans the soot AND ash content of the DPF, whilst off the shelf additives only alter the soot content.


All car related vehicles are priced the same, one price for all.


Ceramax do clean any DPF, whether it be car, LGV, HGV truck.


Here At 8BallTuning, We Remove Your Original DPF And Send It To Ceramax To Be Professionally Cleaned, At A 1/3 Of The Cost Of Replacing The DPF. We Then Receive The DPF Back And Refit It To Your Vehicle.


If Your A Garage Or Have The Facilities Yourself To Remove The DPF, You Can Still Deal With Us Direct At 8BallTuning And We Will Send The DPF For Cleaning.


One Very Clogged DPF Before & After Results
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