3dr Astra 1.9cdti 267bhp 511nm

We’ve had this Astra 1.9cdti through the workshop this week for a few hardware upgrades...


- Venom Hybrid Turbos Stage 2 Turbo
- Decat Downpipe
- AIRTEC Motorsport Front Mount Intercooler & Hardpipe kit
- 4 Bar Map Sensor
- 80mm MAF


Next up will be dialling in the turbo and seeing what power she can make safely with standard clutch/flywheel/fuel pump/injectors


Standard Factory Figures these are 150bhp 320nm
This Astra arrived with us already mapped making really good figures at 231bhp 472nm
After supplying and fitting the above parts, we carried out our custom software calibration with extensive datalogging on the dyno, switching to map by sport button, allowing the customer to have two different power levels available
Sport Button OFF: 221bhp 484nm
Sport Button ON: 267bhp 511nm
Those that check out our facebook story will have spotted this earlier in the week making more power, 277bhp 531nm, we dialled the power back since then to give the stock clutch a chance.
This 1856 turbo makes a huge difference over the usual 1756 hybrid, with gains of 25bhp seen already over the 1756 set ups.
With the appropriate modifications, this turbo should see over 300bhp 600+nm
Currently still running stock injectors/High pressure pump/FRS
Tuners Comment:
These are awesome engines to tune, and becoming more popular every week, as people see how its relatively easy to get decent figures out of this engine. The Z19DTH bottom end will handle 400+bhp in stock form, so theres plenty more scope yet. Despite the internet forum myths, the stock 150 injectors will flow 300bhp plus with the correct mapping technique.
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