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AstraVan 1.9cdti - 250+BHP 580+nm

Remember Charlie’s 1.9cdti AstraVan we mentioned waaaaaay back in February?

Well, after 100+ dyno runs...over 120 hours of datalogging + map tweaks, 33 individual software versions, we have a final figure ?


This van has gone through various specs since we first met Charlie back in 2015.

Way back in Dec 2015 it left us with 180bhp 451nm


Nearly a year later, Nov 2016, with a few choice mods, this left us with 212bhp 503nm


This year it came back with a couple more mods, making 185bhp 437nm (running uprated injectors + hybrid turbo not dialled into the map)


Its leaving us this time with 251bhp 583nm ?



Milltek Sport Turbo Back Exhaust
AIRTEC Front Mount Intercooler
80mm MAF
4bar MAP Sensor
‘327’ Injectors
Turbo Dynamics 1756 Spec Hybrid Turbo


Still on the standard high pressure fuel pump, no high egt’s and not maxing out just yet. We have an R80 pump and uprated fuel pressure reg for future power increases.

Charlie has uprated to VXR brakes all round and a Quaife LSD is already fitted to the uprated M32 box. Along with an uprated clutch.


This is still mapped to the sport button, so its still perfectly normal to drive off button. But once the sport button is pressed...? this is a seriously quick van!

Took me by surprise ? and im used to driving quick cars ?

Theres still scope for more power from this engine though ?


Big thankyou to Charlie for allowing us to work on his van, and not to mention leaving it with us for so long.
Unknown length of time and custom software development come hand in hand. Which is what sets us apart from the regular mapping outfits ??

Interested in our custom software?

Looking to go beyond stage 1 or 2?

Drop us a message ??

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