Why Get A Remap?

We get asked this question a lot. Maybe youve heard other people talking about it, or seen it advertised, not fully understanding what it means or results in.


Manufacturers create vehicles in batch. Part of this process is creating vehicles that will apply to every end user, in terms of use, and locations. As a result, the engine software is general, to cover the highest percentage of potential buyers. This means there is quite a large scope for modification by a tuner to create a software calibration specific to the individual driver and their needs.


So what we do is take a look at the original software calibration and scan through all the potential maps that may need altered to give the customer the best potential for their vehicle.

We can focus on various aspects of the software depending on the customers needs, for example, if you feel there is a lack of power / flat spot as its normally shown on a graph. We can highlight the area within the ecu and alter it to reduce this effect.


Many people assume a 'remap' is purely for people looking to make their vehicle faster. Synonymous with 'boy racers'. In fact, a 'remap' can be used to give you better fuel economy and increase your MPG.

Typically we can see an average 12-15% increase in fuel economy from a software alteration. This can equate to several ££'s to £££'s saved a year on fuel depending on your useage.


A 'remap' is applicable to various petrol and diesel vehicles, in both normally aspirated and forced induction forms.

8BallTuning are at the forefront of software development for new technology vehicles, in the form of hybrid and electric vehicles, which we believe can also benefit from our alterations.


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